Hunter S. Thompson, the famous American journalist and author, was known for his unconventional and often erratic lifestyle. His daily routine was far from typical, and it varied throughout his life, often influenced by his writing assignments, personal habits, and his love for excess. However, there are some general aspects of his routine that have been reported in various biographies and interviews:

  1. Irregular Sleep Schedule: Thompson was notorious for his irregular sleep patterns. He often stayed awake for days on end, fueled by a mix of drugs, alcohol, and caffeine. He would sometimes work late into the night and sleep during the day.
  2. Writing Rituals: Thompson typically started his writing day in the afternoon or evening, preferring to work when the world around him was quieter. He often wrote on a manual typewriter, famously using a red IBM Selectric. He would play loud music, such as Bob Dylan or the Rolling Stones, to help him concentrate.
  3. Breakfast: Thompson’s breakfast was often unconventional and might include cigarettes, coffee, and whiskey. He once famously remarked, “I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.”
  4. Research and Interviews: Depending on the assignment, Thompson would conduct interviews, research, or travel to gather material for his articles and books. He immersed himself deeply in his subjects, often participating in the events he covered.
  5. Substance Use: Thompson had a well-documented history of drug and alcohol abuse, which played a significant role in his daily life. He used drugs like LSD, cocaine, and marijuana, and he was an avid consumer of alcohol.
  6. Firearms: Thompson was known to have a fondness for firearms and often had guns nearby while he wrote. His love for guns was a recurring theme in his writing.
  7. Unpredictable Schedule: Thompson’s routine was highly unpredictable, and he often thrived in chaotic environments. He wrote in a stream-of-consciousness style that matched his turbulent lifestyle.

It’s important to note that Thompson’s lifestyle was extreme, and his choices often had detrimental effects on his health and personal relationships. His work, such as “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and “The Rum Diary,” reflects his unique approach to journalism, blending fact and fiction, and his distinctive writing style. Thompson’s life and work continue to be a subject of fascination for many, despite the challenges and controversies associated with his lifestyle.


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